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the pull flow Supply Chain

A global vision of the supply chain makes it possible to study the chain reaction and the interaction of stocks at each stage of production and to model and implement the pull flow system to increase industrial performance. Find out more
AD6-des logiciels pour faciliter vos process

With the AD6 software, manage and plan your Industrial Supply Chain in pull flow

The AD6 software suite is the result of the expertise and experience of ALBERT DELOIN in implementing the pull flow system and in adapting information systems to the just-in-time requirements of the pull flow.. Find out more
La Boutique Kanban d'ALBERT DELOIN

Kanban e-shop: order all your equipment in a single click

Discover a complete range: labels, schedules, sleeves, etc. to allow the application of the KANBAN method in your industrial and supply flows regardless of your industrial constraints. Find out more

ALBERT DELOIN is developing a unique approach to organising logistics flows and the PULL FLOW supply chain

Our logistics flow expertise combines the KANBAN method, pull flow planning/supervision and DDMRP principles supported by the AD6 software range, connected to your ERP or not, to successfully transform your supply chain into pull flow lean manufacturing.

supply chain flux tirés

Plan and manage your pull flow supply chain

Define the pull flow rules adapted to your company, choose the tools to use (Kanban, pulled flow AD6, DDMRP) and take advantage of the AD6 software range.

méthode Kanban

Implementing the KANBAN method in its 3 forms

Manual Kanban, electronic (e-Kanban) or IT (no labels).

Improve your organisation and your industrial performance

Overall decrease of stock and work in progress,
Improved deadlines and their reliability,
Increased productivity, etc

Progress structured into 5 key steps

For 30 years, ALBERT DELOIN has been supporting companies in organising their pull flow supply chain by developing a global approach and tools for managing industrial performance following a proven method that allows generating sources of profit and sustainable savings.

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A software range to cover the entire PULL FLOW planning process

Integrating the functions of supervision and monitoring of logistics performance as well as day-to-day management.


Management of industrial flows and Kanban supplies.



AD6 e-Kanban

Managing and supervising an electronic Kanban system connected to the ERP.


AD6 Pull Flow

APS-FxT (Kanban, e-Kanban, PFP6*, DDMRP) connected to the ERP.
*Pull Flow Planning System.


APS-FxT (Kanban, e-Kanban, PFP6, DDMRP) connected to the ERP.





25 à 50%


5 à 10%

1st YEAR



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Colour labels
for planning
Planning bars

The collaboration between the ROSTAING group and ALBERT DELOIN dates back more than 20 years. The expertise of ALBERT DELOIN in KANBAN, pull flow logistics, just-in-time systems and the digital transformation of tools using AD6 software have enabled the ROSTAING group to manage more than 5,000 product references on a daily basis across 3 continents in terms of the supply and 50 countries for international sales. Our commitments for future developments are proof of our confidence and the professionalism of the teams. The know-how and the software of ALBERT DELOIN provide important support for our development and for the service provided to our customers.


Thanks to the support and expertise of ALBERT DELOIN, we have strengthened our service rate while reducing our stock. Our teams collaborated closely on the management of pull flow production and supply and the Kanban system. The deployed solutions facilitate decisions at the closest possible proximity to the field, directly on the production lines. This goes very well with our approach as a responsible company and autonomous production units. Our partnership has made logistics more efficient, simpler and more accessible.


As part of the development of Kanban as an industrial solution for mass production, we called on the company ALBERT DELOIN to support us in the process. The expertise and permanent support of the ALBERT DELOIN team have enabled us to set up and deploy in the field a solution adapted to your needs. This support continued in the stabilization phase and the good understanding of the AD6-DPO Kanban Electronics software. After 8 months of operation, we were able to measure the positive effect of the Kanban Electronics solution on our production tool and the support of all to keep this reliable and robust system alive. Improving our OEE, controlling flows and optimizing campaign changes are some of the main gains.


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